Website Testimonial: Cleaning Massage Oils From Sheets

“My massage therapist friend Doug Turet recommended Amodex highly for removing old oil stains from massage sheets. I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 37 years, but recently some stains weren’t coming out. For months.

With one treatment Amodex did the trick for two wash loads of fitted & flat flannel massage sheets, both dark ones and light ones, saving me from embarrassment and looking unprofessional with new clients.

I’m sold! Two bottles for $20 is a good price too, and I like that it’s a women-owned business, and how friendly the customer service was.”

-Steve from Boston


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You can visit our stain solutions page for all the instructions you need to use Amodex.

We also have lots of reviews on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Lowes.

Here is our original instructional video for how to

remove Sharpie from fabrics


The most important points to remember:

  1. First of all, shake the bottle.
  2. Apply Amodex on dry and before anything else.
  3. Allow the product to sit for enough time to settle into the fabric.
  4. Put a paper towel underneath for the ink to soak onto.
  5. It is most important that you are patient! You are removing permanent marker. It usually takes 2-10 minutes of effort.

You can visit the Sharpie FAQ page on their website for more information.

For more general stain removal tips using Amodex, please visit our Stain Solutions page.

Longchamp, stain, clean, mustard, wine, hot sauce, pen, ink

Here is a comprehensive video on cleaning your Longchamp bag.

This process can be used for any kind of stain when applied with Amodex.



1. Pour Amodex all over the stained area. Use as much as you need.

2. Use a brush to work the Amodex all over the area.

3. Let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse away residue.

For more tips on taking care of you Longchamp bag, visit their website’s FAQ page, which includes a full list of care instructions.

Please visit our Stain Solutions page for more information on how to use Amodex.


We got this wonderful letter in the mail yesterday!

Oriental rugs can be very fragile, and to hear that Amodex was able to remove printer ink from it is so great! It is days like today that make us so happy to make the best darn stain remover out there.